Duck breast pickled in balsamic vinegar

Sirloin tartar steak with pickled chanterelles

Poultry liver with oscypek cheese

Crusty bacon and chicken salad

Salmon salad with sea salt

Vegan salad

Fried boletes

Bigos in a bread bowl


Żurek soup with white sausage and egg

Gentle bouillon with noodles

Crayfish soup

Cheese soups with noodles and spinach

Mushroom soup in a bread bowl

Main courses

Chicken fillet stuffed with cheese and spinach, in cauliflower sauce, served with carrots and potatoes

Roast duck in raisin sauce with carrot-potato mousse

Roast lamb shank with ratatooie and fried potatoes

Sirloin steak roasted in bread, served with mushroom sauce

Garlic ribs with roast tomato and potatoes

Pork fillet stuffed with poultry liver and bacon, in burnt garlic sauce, served with fried vegetable dumplings

Grilled roast beaf in wine sauce with asparagus an fried potatoes

Grilled rib steak in Dutch sauce, served with sweet peas and cream-roast potatoes

Zander stuffed with boletes, in bacon slices, with potato cakes and French beans

Salmon roasted with vegetable strudel in saffron sauce

Panga with shrimps in soy sauce with asparagus and wild rye

Aubergine stuffed with meadow mushrooms, peppers and cheese


Apple pie served in a glass

Chocolate sufflet with strawberry mousse

?Dew drop? cheesecake

Pancakes with nuts and vanilla sauce

Vanilla ice-cream with warm strawberries and coarsely ground pepper

Chocolate dumplings