9 conference rooms / 760 conference seats / area of 810 m2 / 100 parking spaces


We will organize for you:

  • trade fair
  • product / exhibition shows
  • possibility of creating a special space for the exposition of cars and other mechanical devices outside


We have a large exhibition space both in the building and outside

  • 810 m2 of conference space in the hotel’s air-conditioned building – with possibility of inserting pavilions – exhibition boxes, roll-ups, banners
  • 3600 m2 area around the hotel – ideal for vehicle presentation and exhibition tents adapted to the exhibition


When organizing the fair, we provide:

  • spacious, air-conditioned interiors convenient for re-arranging space
  • foyer
  • high speed internet access
  • the right number of electrical and power sockets, extension cords
  • equipment: projectors, screens, flip charts, sound equipment, microphones
  • technical staff
  • place for a coffee break
  • restaurant with the veranda
  • individually selected menu
  • 99 comfortable rooms for the needs of exhibitors and fair participants
  • a large parking space


We will be happy to organize an evening banquet or integration party, evening attractions, musical settings, etc.

In addition, we can organize transport and sightseeing Kraków.




Our team will help you organize the Fair.. Call: + 48 12 3 900 900


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